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August 2020


The money-maker

Property Investment

Using a simple set of properties as a part of business is the smartest way of investing your own money. If you put it in the business perspective, this is now a slowly popular business as people from faraway places are now moving into the city because they have to work near the city, study in a university that is distant from their house, or you are now living in with your new family, or just getting out of the city because you are now officially retired, getting away for the summer, or just an alternative home. And one must think strategically on the locations on these properties so that the business will be a hit. The possibilities are endless.

When investing on a set of properties, there will be a steady flow of cash because your tenants will pay their rent to you, slowly building up wealth and also generating income at the same time. And also this could be your livelihood if you want to be self-employed and get into the feeling of being the boss of your job, or being fired at your previous job, injured from your job that your required to have a mandatory resignation, or your job is very far away from your home that you have to resign, or this could be a sideline job so that you can make on the some money while you can go to your regular job. This is also a nicer way of investing your money than to invest it in stocks since you will run the risk on the stock market will crash or the company you invested in may have a chance of being bankrupt. This could also act as a leverage in case your other investments and businesses will go downhill, this also acts as a financial backup in case of emergencies. Since all businesses depend on the trend, prices may rise and fall depending on the status on the market, making this a safe and wisest way of investing your money, since chances of this kind of business crashing down is very low.

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Hiring A Property Manager

When the time comes when you have enough money to hire some employees, this could be great by hiring a property manager since they will be in charge on negotiating on the buyers and shows them the looks on the properties, and also an accountant since they will be in charge on the flow of money and also they will be on track on the financial status on the business, or some workers in case the properties needed some fixings, repairs, and renovations on the property. Because of this, this will make your job less of a hassle and time-consuming. This also gives you a sense of professional achievement and personal development that you are now a boss and a leader in the profession and helping the community in providing them with a home while they are renting or buying the property, this could enhance your interpersonal communication and your relationship skills to your buyers. Get a property now from Bukit Jelutong or other areas such as Puchong, Glenmarie, Cheras and Johor Bahru.


How to Work with Someone You Don’t Like

Useful Tips to Deal with Someone You Don’t Fancy:

Are you working in an office? Are you confident enough that you can do your role well being one of the office workers? If not, you can take a sains kesetiausahaan. Yes, it is important that you really equip yourself with the needed skills and knowledge so, if you come across with someone who is difficult to work with, he cannot rob this to you. 

Working with someone you don’t like is really a struggle. But then again, it is also not easy to find another job and for sure, you won’t sacrifice your work just because there is someone you don’t like in your workplace. After all, your family is more important that what you feel and besides, you can’t really be sure if once you transfer to another job, which is not easy, you will like all the other workers. 

Instead, you can check below for some tips on how to manage when there is an employee in your workplace that you don’t like. Check this out:

  • Try to get to know that person whom you don’t like. He is still human and for sure, he is not a criminal either as he is also a hired employee. Maybe you are not just familiar with him or maybe, it is simply because you don’t see eye to eye. 
  • Don’t assume the worst of a person and don’t conclude right away that he is out to get you. Maybe he does not even notice you when he is doing things and you just think that everything pertains to you. By getting to know him, you might find out that he is likable after all. 
  • If your reason for not liking him is really valid, then I guess you have to set boundaries. You should only get near him if the need arises like when it is because of work. When it comes to other things, you should try to distance yourself. This way, you won’t have to be too stressed when you are working. After all, you need to work with a light heart for you to be more productive. 
  • Try to do little things. I am pretty sure you also want your workplace to be a better place where everyone is just friendly. So, if that is the case, why not try to reach out to that person even in small ways! That can be a start and it would be nice to know that every employee in your workplace is your friend. 
  • We must admit that there are so many things in this world that are beyond our control. If after doing the things you can do and still the relationship you have with that particular person is still the same, then you just have to let go and work like he is not around. 

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Yes, it is really tough when there is someone who can’t be a friend and in your workplace at that. But then again, since you can’t also control or dictate him, just do the best that you can.…