Baby Napkins for eating or for baby pee? 

When the word baby napkins is searched at google they will appear for baby pee and pooping. But actually baby napkins for eating also have it when you search for it. For today we will talk about baby napkins for baby pee and pooping because many companies make them as baby products. So what are baby products actually? Baby products are used on infants and children under the age of three. They will buy so many baby products from many companies that are suppliers. Baby napkins are one of the baby products that are needed. Also they are specially formulated to be mild and non irritating, the ingredients also selected for these properties. The reason is because babies are sensitive to rough stuff and products.  

Pigeon Malaysia 

One of the companies that supply baby stuff for the mother uses it for their children. Chosen to be the best company for baby stuff. The founder for Pigeon is Mr. Yuichi Nakata from Japan. Is the founder a man? The answer is yes they were founded in 1957 and spread their wing to 40 countries. They really want to give the best products for the customer and keep a good quality of product. Baby napkins are one of the products that Pigeon has. They also give some advice to new moms that are still new to being a mother. They will give a guide for a new mom to learn and to be the best mother for their children. 

Benefit: Use cloth baby napkins 

For newborn babies it is recommended to use baby napkins rather than disposable diapers. Like I said, baby products are more for babies that age under three. Babies in times like this, their skin be more sensitive. If you use disposable diapers that do not suit your skin it will be red and can make it more serious. But they are more suitable with all babies because the material is soft and mild. The hygiene also will always keep clean and the baby will be safe. There are many colorful and beautiful that you can change. After three years you can change it to disposable diapers. 

Another benefit is better for the environment. When you use baby napkins, you can use them repeatedly. Disposable diapers when you use it you cannot use it again, you must throw it out. It will take time for disposable diapers to rot and it will affect the environment. If you want to destroy diapers you must burn them so it will affect the atmosphere. The world will be more hot because if you do open burning to destroy them. It is better if you use baby napkins and you also can save money. Disposable diapers need you to buy if they finish. Baby napkins you don’t need to buy it much, it will need you to buy when you need to change the size. The baby also feels safe and more healthy.

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