How Malaysian survive during Pandemic

COVID-19 not only makes people sick and dead but also affected the economy, lifestyle, and business. Many people try to survive because there are many companies who had to terminate their worker because can not survive and it might lead to bankruptcy. In Malaysia, there are about 60% lost their job and the percent might increase if the number of cases rises. Those who lost their job trying to survive by doing some side income job like offer delivery, cleaning, services, transport, and many more they could do. This is the only way they can do to survive during the pandemic because we never knew until when the pandemic will last. 

Some people join the delivery team like FoodPanda, GrabFood, Bungkusit, and PopMeals. These four companies offer anyone who interests become their rider to deliver food to their client. These apps also offer and calling anyone who interests to join them as a partner to provide food to sell. Restaurant, Stall, HomeCook, mini market, supermarket, gas station mini-market and all are welcome to join them as a partner. Everyone tries to survive and these companies try to help anyone who interests. For those who are from Selangor, you might want to order fresh grocery delivery in Selangor to help them to survive and we not only help them to survive but also help our economy and community to survive. 

There are also companies like Grab, MyCar, EzCab, Mula, Dacsee, and Riding Pink that offer transport services. Their rate is also affordable and it is such a good way if you can support them by using their services. You also can give them tip if you want to do so. For your information, Riding Pink is only for woman passengers if you are a woman and afraid to get a man driver you can use the Riding Pink app. Not only that, but you also can get a discount when using transport services because they want to attract people by lower their services price because if they do not do that people will not use their services and it will make our economy getting worse. 

Those who do not have the vehicle to join the delivery and transport services tend to offer orders services like cleaning, painting, cooking, repair, and others that they can do based on their skills and talent. Even though some of them have high qualifications like Diploma, Degree, Master, and Ph.D. but because they lose their job they willing to do the task that is not their job at all and even though the salary is not worth it for them. 

COVID-19 is not a joke it is a disaster and the cases increasing day by day and it makes many people worry about it because they might be the next ones who lost their job. If they lose their job and can not survive it is going to be worst because they might be announced as bankrupt. For those who still survive during this pandemic please try to help others who do not and may God bless you all. 

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