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How To Choose The Best Internet Plan Malaysia For You

Today, we live in a world where the internet has become an essential part of our life. We need the internet to work efficiently and to stay in contact with our loved ones. Without access to any internet plan malaysia, it will create struggles for us to find jobs, connect with our family and friends and even miss out on the latest news in our country. Therefore, it is important for you to have an access to internet plan at your place!

However, since there is a lot of internet providers company out there, you might get confused to choose which one is the best for you. Don’t worry, continue reading this article on how to choose the best internet plan for you!

Internet speed

internet plan malaysia

Depending on your lifestyle, you will have to choose a sufficient amount of internet speed for yourself. For instance, if you work from home or go to classes online and are just a casual internet user, you may not need the amount of speed a professional Youtube streamer would. Follow this guide below to help you choose the best internet speed for you:

  • 5 – 10 Mbps – suitable for minimal internet users and live by themselves
  • 10 – 40 Mbps – suitable for casual internet users, students, children and teenagers
  • 40 – 100 Mbps – suitable for people who are working from home, students and families
  • 100 – 500 Mbps – suitable for professional gamers, online streamers and huge families
  • 500 – 1000 Mbps – suitable for companies, heavy gamers, heavy streamers

Type of Internet Connection

internet plan malaysia

To choose the best type of internet connection for you, you need to take into factors of your location, budget and the type of speed you need.

  • Fiber: It is known for having the fastest internet speeds and it ranges from 50 to 1000 Mbps. It is good for families, professional gamers or streamers and companies. However, it is on the expensive side.
  • Cable: Cable is in second place when we talk about internet speed. It usually holds 20 to 200 Mbps. It is suitable for people who love watching movies or TV series online, families and students. The price is typically more affordable than fibre.

Promotion and Bundle Plans

internet plan malaysia

Typically, many internet providers company will offer you more deals when you subscribe to their service. Common examples of bundle plans for internet plan malaysia include:

  • Internet + Television Service
  • Internet + Television Service + Home Phone
  • Internet + Television Service + Smart Home

Sure, you can still opt for internet only but sometimes choosing the bundle promotion is even more worth it. Therefore, check with your internet provider agent so you can get the best experience with your internet subscription.


In conclusion, the best internet plan malaysia will have a direct plan with affordable prices, sufficient speeds and the right type of connection that is suitable for you. If you are still confused to choose the best internet plan for you, just contact any of your nearest internet provider company and ask them directly. Furthermore, do a lot of surveys on other companies as well so you can compare their service and choose the best one for you!

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