New Homeowners’ Must-Have Design Features

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Building a house is a symbol of entering the new chapters of life. Most people know to take note of what kind of material they want in order to build a strong long-lasting house. Like for example, cement retarding agent malaysia will make sure your house is built sturdy against all the challenges it is going to face until your old days.

However, some new homeowners are not really sure on the design features they need in their forever home. That is why we listed out below everything you need to know about the designs for your house.


The extravagance of the 1990s and early 2000s has mostly been replaced by practicality and efficiency. Homeowners want enough room and facilities to be comfortable, but they don’t want big, luxurious places simply to be able to boast about them. They want just the amenities in their homes that they will regularly use. Many individuals are abandoning specialised spaces like a separate television room in exchange of integrating such amenities into other parts of the home. They may opt for a big screen television in a living room or family room instead of a separate television room.

Open floor layout

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People who are purchasing and constructing houses continue to choose open concept home designs. Great rooms including a kitchen, dining room, and living room are often sought after. Separate formal living and formal dining rooms are becoming more rare. Open floor designs encourage interaction between family and friends while also making tiny spaces seem bigger.

Spaces that are adaptable

Homeowners desire rooms that can be utilised in a variety of ways, depending on the family’s current and future circumstances. A space that may be used as a guest room, a home office, a playroom, or a craft area. Buyers and builders desire rooms that are generic enough to be used when they first move in and can be changed as the family’s circumstances evolve over time.

A lot of windows 

Homeowners are particularly attracted to large amounts of natural light. Include as many windows as your finances allows, even if they are tiny, inoperable windows, which are often less costly. If a conventional window won’t work in a given area, a skylight or solar tube may be added. Remember to include windows or skylights in rooms like the bathroom and closet so you can see how your hair, make-up, and clothing look in natural light before leaving the house.

A lot of electricity outlets

As more family members need to plug in and recharge mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets, the need for additional electrical outlets has grown. The majority of homeowners want several outlets in each room. A separate charging station for family and guests is an added benefit that will be beneficial for everyone.

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