Reasons Why Internship Is A Requirement

For those students who are about to graduate, they probably already know that internships are part of the requirements one must fulfil to be able to graduate. So, for those students who are in the last year of their college life, it is very important for them to start preparing for their internship as soon as possible. Preparation is a must since it could make or break someone’s work application. An internship is not a burden but a privilege.

Some students might wonder why an internship is a must. They might ask themselves why the school system is going to burden them with this when they are already dealing with so many things. What they don’t realize is that the school system is actually doing this for their own good. There are so many good reasons why an internship is part of the curriculum, and here are some of them:

This is the chance of a student to put what he learns from school in action. Yes, it is easy to understand school lessons; one can pass exams after memorizing and understanding what is taught. But then again, one can’t really be sure if he can put that in action as seamlessly as he answers the exams. In the internship, he will be able to test himself is he is as capable. At the same time, he will be able to explore the real world as well and will have a taste of being a part of a company.

A student will have a chance to gain experience in the career he wants to pursue later on. This will not just prepare him for his future career, at the same time, this will also give him an edge being he will already know some people in the world he wants to be a part of in the future.

Networking is another reason why one would benefit from the internship. As mentioned above, the industry where a student will choose to have his internship is most like the same industry where he will apply for work after graduation. That means, he will not be a stranger anymore as he already knows some people, even if it will not be in the same company.

Not all interns are unpaid, though for sure, one is not looking for pay when applying for an internship. But the pay will be a bonus and according to statistics, there are more students who are paid during their internship and besides, those that do not still benefit from the credits they obtain.

When one is in an internship, he will be forced to abide by the rules and regulations of the said company. Thus, he can practice professionalism which is quite important in the real world. He will be forced to wake up early so he can get to his workplace on time and at the same time, he will also be forced to finish his assigned tasks before going home. As he is already trained to be professional, adjusting when he is already truly employed will just be easy.

Take a look at some extra benefits of an internship:

When one is applying for a real job, he will be required to submit a resume. And yes, there will be times when a company will not require experience, but then again, most are and the experience he had during the internship should be good enough, considering he is still a fresh graduate. When you want to 马来西亚工作 as a fresh graduate, it is best to start with an internship first.

There are indeed a lot of valid reasons why schools or universities these days impose internship before their students will get their diploma. They know that this will do a lot of good things for the students once they are on their own, dealing with the real world.

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