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School Science Lab Plan Malaysia

It is very important to have conducive learning in school science lab plan malaysia. It helps students to enjoy the subjects they are learning. The conducive lab also helps to let their brain works properly in the class. When planning to build a school science lab, it is important to know the age range that will use the lab. Middle school students need more space than high school students. They tend to move around the lab and looking everything in the lab. Furniture for middle school labs also needs to cater for their sizes and not be too big. School labs need to be planned carefully to avoid any bad incidents. 

Middle School Science Lab

school science lab plan malaysia

A middle school science lab doesn’t need complicated lab equipment. They only need the basic beaker and basic equipment. Middle school science experiments mostly are not very complicated. It is more to show them that science is fun. The lab will definitely need a lot of safety equipment such as goggles, aprons, gloves etc. 

Some middle school might use their lab for a little bit of advanced experiment. In that case, you should build a different lab room for that. So you can store more equipment there rather than sharing equipment. A lot of movement between two laboratories is not likely advised. 

Laboratory Furniture

Buying furniture for your school’s lab needs to be more strict. You need to buy laboratory furniture instead of normal furniture. They are furniture that has been specifically created to fit into any form of the laboratory. In a laboratory, the furnishing facilitates and eases work more than you think. 

Laboratory Desk. It can be used to store books and other research materials, as well as equipment and data. Student can utilize their lab table as both an experiment surface and as a storage area for tools and other equipment. It is ideal to have a straightforward lab table with storage. 

Laboratory Stool. The majority of the time, using stools is necessary for laboratories. An elevated chair with a higher cylinder and foot ring for leg support is frequently described as a stool. A backrest may or may not be present.

Laboratory Environment

school science lab plan malaysia

Make sure the science lab at your school is cosy and effective. Students’ discomfort increases when the heat and moisture in the classroom rise, according to an earlier study. A shorter attention span causes concentration to decline. When designing, this element must be taken into account. It’s important to maintain a constant temperature in the classroom since students perform worse in a hot environment.

 To provide a comfortable learning environment that doesn’t impair students’ academic success, the right ventilation and humidity control are essential. It’s important to remember that the lab’s orientation and exposure to light have a big impact on the environment’s temperature and atmosphere.


Designing a school lab is very important. Plan ahead your requirements and let the pros know about it. Do not jeopardise your student’s future because you lack planning. Take care of the laboratory as you take care of the entire school. 

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