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Baby Napkins for eating or for baby pee? 

When the word baby napkins is searched at google they will appear for baby pee and pooping. But actually baby napkins for eating also have it when you search for it. For today we will talk about baby napkins for baby pee and pooping because many companies make them as baby products. So what are baby products actually? Baby products are used on infants and children under the age of three. They will buy so many baby products from many companies that are suppliers. Baby napkins are one of the baby products that are needed. Also they are specially formulated to be mild and non irritating, the ingredients also selected for these properties. The reason is because babies are sensitive to rough stuff and products.  

Pigeon Malaysia 

One of the companies that supply baby stuff for the mother uses it for their children. Chosen to be the best company for baby stuff. The founder for Pigeon is Mr. Yuichi Nakata from Japan. Is the founder a man? The answer is yes they were founded in 1957 and spread their wing to 40 countries. They really want to give the best products for the customer and keep a good quality of product. Baby napkins are one of the products that Pigeon has. They also give some advice to new moms that are still new to being a mother. They will give a guide for a new mom to learn and to be the best mother for their children. 

Benefit: Use cloth baby napkins 

For newborn babies it is recommended to use baby napkins rather than disposable diapers. Like I said, baby products are more for babies that age under three. Babies in times like this, their skin be more sensitive. If you use disposable diapers that do not suit your skin it will be red and can make it more serious. But they are more suitable with all babies because the material is soft and mild. The hygiene also will always keep clean and the baby will be safe. There are many colorful and beautiful that you can change. After three years you can change it to disposable diapers. 

Another benefit is better for the environment. When you use baby napkins, you can use them repeatedly. Disposable diapers when you use it you cannot use it again, you must throw it out. It will take time for disposable diapers to rot and it will affect the environment. If you want to destroy diapers you must burn them so it will affect the atmosphere. The world will be more hot because if you do open burning to destroy them. It is better if you use baby napkins and you also can save money. Disposable diapers need you to buy if they finish. Baby napkins you don’t need to buy it much, it will need you to buy when you need to change the size. The baby also feels safe and more healthy. …


Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth

 baby toothbrush in malaysia

First smiles, first words, first crawling steps, first solid foods, and of course, the eruption of your baby’s first tooth are just a few of the events that parents should keep a record of during the first year of their baby’s development. Even while it can be difficult to see your child growing up, it’s fascinating to watch them experience all the new changes. Keeping track of your baby’s teeth development is one of the most exciting events ever.

The sight of a child’s first tooth might make you swoon. Your infant has been drooling and fussing for weeks when you finally notice the first tooth bud poking through the gums. Two rows of infant’s teeth will progressively take the place of your child’s gummy smile over the years to come. Despite their small size, baby teeth are crucial. They serve as adult teeth’s temporary counterparts. Your child will have difficulty eating, smiling, and speaking correctly if they don’t have a full set of healthy baby teeth. It is crucial to take good care of baby teeth and prevent tooth decay because of this. Your infant will become accustomed to the everyday routine if you start early.

In this article, we’ve got you covered with everything that you need to know about your baby’s teeth and when to start brushing them. 

Baby’s Teeth Growth

 baby toothbrush in malaysia

While a baby is still in the womb, their baby teeth begin to erupt. There will likely be 20 teeth under the gums when your kid is born, and they will likely begin to erupt between the ages of six and one. Teeth often start to erupt in babies between the ages of 6 and 10 months. However, some kids start getting teeth as early as 3 months. By the time they turn three, most kids have their entire set of teeth.

When new teeth first begin to erupt through the gums, babies will occasionally rub their gums together. Typically, this is not a problem. Teething gels are typically not advised during a baby’s teething process because they are unlikely to help with pain relief. They might potentially produce negative side effects.

Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth

Although it may be appealing to wait until your child has a full set of teeth before worrying about their smile, oral health care should start much earlier. You shouldn’t start using a toothbrush to clean your child’s teeth until they start to erupt, but it is really important to regularly clean your baby’s gums. In fact, you may begin taking care of your baby’s gums as early as they are born to prepare them for a lifetime of good oral health.

Starting your baby’s dental hygiene routine when they are young also helps babies get accustomed to the routine and is probably less painful when tooth brushing starts. Start brushing your baby’s teeth at least twice a day as soon as they erupt. Your baby should receive one brushing each night before bed. The best thing that you can do is to use a little, soft brush like the ones from baby toothbrush in malaysia together with a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste for your baby.…

breast milk storage bags malaysia
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Can you effectively store breast milk for the baby?

More moms feed their children, which is great. If your child is ready to eat, it is preferable to breastfeed your child or toddler. But it’s not feasible occasionally. Working parents frequently pump their breast milk (express it) and save it later for the infant to consume.

The best breast milk storage bags in Malaysia can come from Lasinoh, so you should give them a try.

As is the case with other foods, it is essential to preserve the quality of breast milk high and to avoid foodborne disease from being safely handled and stored. USA Today for example stated that three samples of breast milk in four on a website included germs that caused illness. For example, USA Today reported.

How to securely pump and preserve breast milk:

·         Wash hands before breast milk is pumped or handled.

·         To preserve breast milk, use the proper equipment. Ensure that they are clean and firmly sealed if they are stored in bottles (with a screw cap). Use bags to keep breast milk only if you are using bags. Resist bags or baby bottle liners as they’re not meant to store and can spill breast milk.

·         Only one time use storage bags (do not reuse storage bags).

·         Bottles for storage may be reused but cleaned between each use.

·         In a storage locker, never add fresh breast milk to the frozen milk.

·         If your child care caregiver receives milk, mark the bottle with the name and date of your kid. Ensure that the label is readable.

The hand pump is a hidden weapon for nursing.

It’s typical to experience something called engorgement throughout the first few days and weeks of breastfeeding. Engorgement occurs when your breast is uncomfortably hard and complete with breast milk and fluid. Typically, hot compresses, ice, feeding, and expression are part of the care approach for engorgement. We want to make sure that we don’t pump over with engorgement, so that we avoid oversupplying breastmilk. The hand-expression, however, employed for a few minutes (with your own hands or a manual breast pump) to alleviate uncomfortable clutch and to loosen a certain pressure may assist.

breast milk storage bags malaysia

Troubles during Breastfeeding.

The difficulty for a baby to latch or to latch thoroughly while your breasts are strong and full of milk is another issue that might arise early in your breastfeeding experience. Imagine a baby trying to lace a bowling ball effectively. Unable, right? Unable? By expressing a tiny bit of breast milk using a pump for a few minutes in front of your infant, you may relieve your breast and aid in the elasticity of your nipple and Isola.

Some women may also find it hard to lock babies due to small or flat nipples or inverted nipples. If you find that you have no time to manually breast feed your children, you can resort to Breastfeeding pumps.…